What’s next at gr3n?

We are living a special moment.

Another leap forward, a huge turning point and a moment of change. A moment that can be summed up in a question:

What’s next?

This is the question that moves our project, the question that buzzes every day, in our laboratories, during meetings, while making decisions and in every step we take at gr3n.

While developing our project, at gr3n we ask ourselves hundreds of times a day

What’s next?

We have created a video to celebrate this question and to make our stakeholders understand that something new is happening right now.

The first “What’s next” video

A decisive step forward awaits us, from now on the gr3n project changes spaces, dimensions and opportunities.

The question for P-Turn

To find out what’s next we sent our robot P-Turn to a particular place. Watch with us and discover “what’s next”.

P-Turn is asking himself: What’s next?

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