Gr3n presents a new social network format

A new format on gr3n’s social networks.

Social networks are fundamental when it comes to engaging stakeholders and it allows us to create valuable connections. They are tools that allow you to share your projects, stories, passions and people. We decided to start with people because we consider them important, even more than our project. 

At gr3n we believe in our people.

We believe that passion, experience, professional skills, diversity and commitment are elements that will contribute to the success of our project.

This is why we have decided to start the # begr3n format. In these videos our team will reveal themselves, building that beautiful mosaic of differences that is gr3n.

Below is the first video of the series. Alessandro Sanzone, our head of research and development. Follow us on Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram to discover the stories of gr3n people

Alessandro Sanzone on stage

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