Gr3n, the project grows again with a new grant

We are proud to announce that gr3n is about to receive another grant to continue the development of its project.

Until now, we have scaled up our microwave Reactive Unit up to TRL5 within the SYMBIOPTIMA (EC’s Innovation Radar Prize in 2018), then proceeding with the maturation of the cPET process up to TRL6 in DEMETO.

Thanks to the New CPET grant founded by State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, the Swiss federal government’s specialized agency for national and international matters concerning education, research, and innovation policy, we will reach the TRL8, achieving the fully engineering reactive unit and related purification process.

gr3n is a Swiss company that invented and is now industrializing the first economically viable and environmentally sustainable process for breaking down any type of PET and polyester into its two core components (monomers), which can be then re-assembled to obtain virgin-like plastics, in endless recycling loops.

“This work was supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) under contract number MB22.00024”

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